How to Hit More Accurate Pitches on the Golf Course

Playing golf is a rather difficult thing to do. The sport requires near-perfect technique and delicate feel around the greens if you want to score well. Indeed, one of the most cherished parts of the game is to pitch perfectly every single time. However, the act of pitching is rather complicated although it looks relatively simple. Don’t underestimate it, as it could really change your scorecard greatly if you master the pitching skills! Here are 10 things that you could do.

  • Open up the clubface
  • Opening up the clubface ensures higher spin and that means more control for you. When you are pitching, you want to land the ball close to the hole and make it stop. Opening the clubface will do that for you.

  • Narrow stance
  • Unlike your full swing, you should adopt a narrower stance when you are pitching. This would help with compacting your swing and there should be less unnecessary movements in your body.

  • Hands forward
  • With a 60-degree wedge in hand, you should be thinking of hitting a crisp pitch. You can do that by leaning your hands forward along with the club. This would help with hitting down on the ball and picking out a little divot.

  • Square shoulders
  • Unlike what most says, having square shoulders help with your swing path. This means your club will go straight up and straight down!

  • Ball in middle of stance
  • You could even move it back if you want. But generally, middle of the stance would be perfect! In rare cases, you might put the ball forward, but that requires a lot of skills and practice to pull that shot off!

  • Choose the right club
  • Controlling trajectory and spin are the most important aspects of pitching. Get the right club and you are well on your way!

  • Quickly assess the lie first
  • That’s what you should do for every shot. Look at the lie and decide what type of shot you are going to hit.

  • Quiet head
  • Don’t move your head around as you are pitching. Instead, it should remain quiet and that would help with pitching it solidly with great accuracy.

  • Hinge your wrists
  • You want to get more spin? That’s how you are going to get more spin. Slightly hinge your wrists to generate more speed and spin, which would result in greater control.

  • Clubface faces the target
  • Throughout the swing, try and maintain the clubface angle. It should still be facing the target through impact and you should not be releasing it.

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